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The Healthy Living Programs

The Hope and Healing Salon supports the authentic and entire existence of the person seeking
to live the life they deserve. HHS focuses on one’s holistic scope of living through the lens of
humanistic existentialism, where one’s decisions and choices toward living their most fulfilled
life are the priority. In the effort to focus on the “whole person,” the spiritual or religious
identity can, at the discretion of the client, be incorporated into the services and supports
received. HHS seeks to be the societal change agent for those who want to overcome social-emotional
challenges, discover and embrace their authentic self, and activate their healing journey from
unresolved trauma to advance into the life they want to live. HHS will also serve as a midwife
for those seeking to investigate their creative identities and cast vision for their personal and
entrepreneurial endeavors that will impact the world.

No available programs
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